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The Montessori Classroom

The Montessori classroom is a specially prepared environment designed to ignite each child’s natural desire to acquire knowledge. The five interrelated areas of the Early Childhood classroom work in tandem and complement each other throughout all disciplines.

Montessori Classroom, practical life, pouringPractical Life

This area of the classroom aims to develop useful, everyday skills. The primary goal of the activities of Practical Life is to enhance concentration, coordination, independence, and order. The child also learns thorugh social interaction and gains an understanding and appreciation of the classroom environment through the Practical Life materials.  The child begins to build himself from within while learning to treat himself and others with respect and dignity.

Montessori classroom, sensorial materialSensorial

The development of the five senses is emphasized with the sensorial equipment. These activities refine sensory discrimination for qualities such as size, color, shape, texture, etc. While a child’s senses are refined through the Sensorial materials, they are also creating a better understanding of the world around them and laying a foundation for future intellectual growth.

Montessori Classroom, learning materials, books, globe

Montessori classroom material, languageLanguage

Primarily based in a phonetic approach, the early language materials are multisensory. A whole language approach is also presented through poems, games, and stories.  The child also becomes aware of the beauty of spoken language through the various components within the Montessori setting.

Montessori material, mathematicsMathematics

Montessori borrowed from earlier educators Edouard Seguin and Jean Itard to assemble materials to teach math concepts concretely.  Movement and manipulation of materials are promoted with math materials to teach numbers and quantity, as well as the decimal system and math operations.

Montessori material, cultural studiesCultural Studies

Social Studies, Geography, and Science are emphasized in the classroom through various materials and activities. Montessori was devoted to fostering peace through understanding and knowledge

The mission of Dirigo Montessori School is to provide creative and stimulating intellectual, artistic, and developmental experiences for pre-school and kindergarten aged children (3-6 years old). We strive to nurture each child’s innate desire to learn and to foster his/her natural curiosity and love of knowledge. True to the classical origin of its name, Dirigo Montessori School mentors its students in their first steps to becoming tomorrow’s leaders.