It’s been a few weeks since last posting, and we have been steadily moving forward in our lessons and activities.  Here just a few pictures to share:

Starting a new reading drawer using the Waseca reading drawers program.


Using the smallest Red Rod to see how it fits in the spaces at the ends.


“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…” with the Number Rods.


“Trace and fold,” with the folding cloths.


Practicing pincer grasp and visual discrimination of size with the Cylinder Blocks.


There are small dots on the vessels that indicate when to stop pouring. This increases the level of skill and coordination needed in pouring practice.


Transferring water with sponge.


Determining which prism is next, and lining them up by size.


Reading practice with the Biome Readers set.


After much work with the Golden Beads, this student is learning about the decimal system categories with the number symbol cards.


Color Box Three – lining up colors from lightest to darkest.


A lesson to learn how to use a paintbrush with tempera. How exciting to see how the children use their imagination while practicing brush strokes!


Matching objects to their outlines is a critical preceding skill. This type of lesson also introduces the child in handing cards, and placing them in an orderly fashion on the work mat.


Practicing number symbol recognition, linear and skip counting with the Hundred Chain.

Comparing size with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.


Fine motor practice with a dropper and colored water.


Transferring water with a ladle.


Working with the Puzzle Map of North America, and learning the names of countries.


Making designs and pictures with the peg board is great fine motor practice and builds concentration.


What sinks and what floats?


Wet chalk on black paper -such vibrant and exciting color exploration!


Teen numbers and writing practice.


Visiting the ‘Sound and Letter Museum.’


Using two Cylinder Blocks rather than one, adds a new challenge.


Spelling practice with the Small Moveable Alphabet.


Many mornings worth of work in this map!


“Up, down, up, down, I can do this!”