We have had two full weeks of exciting activities, lessons, and discussions at school!  We started  with a formal introduction of the idea of a ‘growth mindset.’  This is an important concept that is integrated in our everyday conversations in the classroom. We are reading the book, Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, and are learning the names and functions of various parts of the brain. This information guides us in our choices, and gives opportunities for all of us to think about our own learning and growth.
Another major topic has been peace education. We have celebrated International Peace Day (9/21) by creating a group art project in which all of the children have been invited to participate. We hope to have the painting finished and displayed in the classroom very soon.

Here are are few pictures to share from around the classroom:


Transferring water with a sponge.


Building vocabulary with a matching activity.


Finding the picture that is different on each card.

Exploring magnetism.


Cleaning plant leaves and taking care of our classroom environment.


Fine motor practice using tweezers for transferring beads.


Comparing size and height with two sets of Knobless Cylinders.


Learning how to pour using identical pitchers.


Considering size and dimension while using the Pink Tower.


Counting the decimal system, “One hundred, two hundreds, three hundreds…”


Reading days of the week, and sequencing numbers with the September calendar.


Reviewing sounds and letter recognition with the Alphabet Roll.


Letter writing practice.


Addition with the ‘Math Drawers’ lesson.


An initial experience with the ‘lake’ and ‘island’ Land and Water Forms.


“One, two, three, four…” touching each bead while using the Short Bead Stair.


We have many discussions about having a growth mindset, and what we can do help our brain grow. This is an engaging printable from ‘Living Montessori Now’ that promotes conversation and thought about growth mindset.


“This is Africa, ” naming and placing continents with the Puzzle Map of the World.


Practicing lightness of touch while painting on rocks with water.


Heel, toe, heel, toe… walking slowly on the line.


Tracing shapes while building vocabulary with the Geometric Demonstration Tray.


Transferring water beads with a ladle.


“mmm,” while tracing the Sandpaper Letters. Saying the sound while experiencing the letter sensorially builds direct connections between the hand and the mind.


Folding practice.


Using all four Cylinder Blocks is a fun challenge, especially with a friend!


Counting, quantity, and color coordination with the Short Bead Stair.


Reading practice with objects and labels.


Sequencing and number symbol recognition with the Hundred Board.


Following shapes and patterns in the Sand Tray.


Tracing leaf shapes and learning their names with the Botany Cabinet.