Welcome back to school, and Happy New School Year!  Our first four days have been filled with novel experiences for our youngest classmates joining us for the first time, as well as familiar rhythms for our returning friends.  What a joy to see and hear the classroom come alive with movement and activity now that the summer months are behind us, and the new school  new school year has begun.

Bead stringing provides a familiar activity for our newest classmates, while allowing them to practice the basics of a work cycle – choose an activity, complete the lesson, and return it to the shelf.


The Cylinder Blocks are always very popular with our newest classmates, allowing for practice of visual discrimination of size while promoting use of a pincer grasp.


Preliminary exercises of Practical Life – here, a student is practicing the transferring of pom poms with a spoon, promoting concentration, coordination, independence, and order.


The Bead Bag Toss is always a fun large motor activity!


A returning student’s review of the decimal system with the Golden Beads.


Writing practice with the use of Metal Insets.


A new students learns about our work mats, and how to carefully roll them up after use.


Pairing primary colors with the First Color Tablet Box.


Number writing practice with the Sandpaper Numerals.


Using the Animal Puzzles with control charts help children organize their pieces.


Practicing visual discrimination of length with the Red Rods.


Using the Cards and Counters lesson, and learning about odd and even numbers.


Caring for classroom plants.


A beginning reading lesson with the Phonetic Object Box.


Practicing using glue while making a collage.


Dry pouring practice.


Careful alignment of the Pink Tower cubes.