A few pictures to share from the last weeks of school:

So much order in the way these children set up their puzzle material!


Sewing is such a popular activity in our classroom – the children are always so proud of their work, which helps spread the enthusiasm.


One can see the strength that has been developed in the hand through the use of this water transfer activity.


Small motor and concentration development at its finest.


Comparing shells and learning a variety of shell names.


Shell matching.


Attention to detail has been a major focus during this shell scrubbing activity.


Drawing and labeling flag of the world.

Building words with ‘r’ blends using the Moveable Alphabet and Reading Drawer materials.


“This one is the lake. It is water with land all around it,” using the Land and Water Forms.


A fun (and beautiful) variation for practicing quantity, number symbol, and sequencing.


Carefully placing the hands while separating shells and sand with a sifter.


Extending the Decimal System Introduction Tray with stamp booklet.


Metal Insets allow practice of proper pincer grasp and writing posture.


Cursive writing practice is just so much fun!


Comparing size and dimension with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.


The category of thousands in the 45 Layout is just calling out to this student to label with cards!


Drawing lesson with inspiration from Georgia O’Keeffe’s ‘Red Hill and White Shell.’


Ever so carefully making sure the edges are just right while rolling up a work mat.


A whole year of birthdays! Each child decorated their bell on their birthday. We have all enjoyed watching it fill up throughout the school year!