We have welcomed the month of May with much seasonal flair – brightly colored flowers have made their appearance and many of our lessons.  The children look forward to these slight variations of their activities, making way for renewed interest in materials while building appreciation for the beauty within their environment.  The children also continue to be motivated by their own progress, realizing their own accomplishments as they practice and master lessons with Montessori materials.

“Forty-two is four tens and two units,” with the Tens Boards and Beads.


‘S’ blends with the Moveable Alphabet and reading program cards.


Exploring how various triangles make new shapes with the Constructive Triangles.


Writing practice with Rainbow Letters.


Practicing Addition Facts with the Addition Strip Board.


Finding patterns on the Hundred Board.


Learning continent names and finding them on the globe and map.


Flower counting fun!


Matching flower cards.


Folding the paper and cutting on this line will make a beautiful butterfly!


Exploring designs with the Red Rods.


Careful attention to detail while lining up the nuts and bolts by size.


Using all four Cylinder Blocks is such a fun challenge.


A perfect pincer grasp with the Metal Insets!


Reading, sequencing, and writing the Months of the Year.


An extension activity coloring page with the Animal Puzzles.


“Two, this is what two feels like,” with the Spindle Boxes.


Matching letters on the Alphabet Roll and saying each one’s sound.


Counting and sequencing quantities and symbols with the Short Bead Hanger.


Number writing practice with Sandpaper Numbers.


Using a ten bar to count a one hundred square.


Foreign Language: Matching Russian (Cyrillic) letters.


Combinations of ten with the Addition Strip Board.


Paying close attention to size and dimension while working with the Pink Tower.


Reading practice with the Bird Puzzle labels.