“Oh, how cute!” “I just love these!” “These are the best shelves ever!” “Oh, these are beautiful!” are just some exclamations heard throughout the classroom as the children explored new lessons on the Practical Life shelves over the past weeks. While it is only now beginning to feel like spring outside , we have definitely been enjoying the season inside the classroom with our spring and Easter themed works. A full two weeks of school (without any snow days!) has also enabled an uptick of newly presented lessons with progress through the introduction of subsequent extensions and activities. How exciting to see this growth in our students!

Starting a new list in our ‘Language Works’ phonogram/spelling series is always so much fun!


Careful tracing of Sandpaper Letters while pronouncing their corresponding sounds.


Building fine motor strength and control with this threading activity.


A math maze with numbers 1-100 – an intriguing variation to practicing number symbol recognition and linear counting!


‘Labeling the Environment’ gives practice reading and writing these words while promoting movement through the classroom to place each label by its corresponding item.


“These eggs are so pretty!”


We are studying the artist, Dhalov Ipcar. Here, a child is working with puzzles of her works.


Opening closing practice with matching – each egg contains a paper egg to be matched with an egg on the accompanying strip.


Cursive writing practice.


Exploring dimensions of size with Pink Tower and Brown Stair creations.


Writing and reading  rhythms – “do, do-day, do, do-day, do-day, do-day…!”


“Sixteen – one ten and six units,” with the Teen Bead Hanger.


Moving onto ‘s’ blends with the Reading Program drawers.


Pairing color tablets with the Second Color Tablet Box…


…then finding items from the classroom to match!


Reading these little booklets is quite rewarding – especially when one can find others to read to for more practice!


Working with a friend using all four Cylinder Blocks for an added challenge.


Dusting the shelves not only help keep our classroom clean, but builds a sense of ownership and belonging.


Static addition with the Stamp Game.


Exposure to place value while retrieving quantities.


Increasing awareness of one’s own progress with print letters, “I just mastered ‘b’!”


“One, two…” counting quantities and understanding ‘zero’ with the Spindle Box lesson.


Enjoying a quiet moment with the individual Silence Game.


Working with a friend to carefully line up the Pink Tower and Brown Stair by comparing their sizes.


Spelling practice with the Small Moveable Alphabets.


Placing the numerals out of order, then building the quantities for a fun variation of Teen Bead and Boards.


Mixing primary colors to make secondary colors on the color wheel.


“Seven and three make ten. Eight and two make ten. Oh look – twins! Seven and three make ten again!”


Having fun with words using the Logical Adjective Game.