March has been a whirlwind of snow days and  snow delays mixed with St. Patrick’s Day festivity.  I wanted to share a few pictures of  our mornings together over the last few weeks before it’s time to share about Spring and Easter!

Rainbow Do-a-Dots!


Sewing South America.


Conferring with a friend about Pink Tower cube placement.


Color mixing magic.


More rainbows, this time with bead stringing.


Patterning with pictures.


Practice with measuring lines.


Making one’s own lake and island with clay after using the Lake/Island Land and Water forms.


Labeling the ‘odd’ and ‘even’ numbers in the Cards and Counters lesson.


Writing practice with the print sandpaper letters.


The 45 Layout.


Careful placement of the the Brown Stair prisms with the Pink Tower Cubes.


Writing practice with Metal Insets.


Being careful to practice pouring with two hands – one holding the handle, and the other supporting underneath the vessel.


Rainbow colors – the children are learning the Russian color words and have taken great interest in the Cyrillic alphabet!


Static addition with the the Stamp Game.


Shamrock lacing.

Building concentration and coordination while coloring a mandala.


Practicing counting, skip counting, and number symbol recognition with the Chain of Nine.

Exposing various solids and learning vocabulary, ‘plastic,’ ‘elastic,’ and ‘rigid.’


Washing the easel after use is a wonderful large motor activity which promotes concentration, coordination, independence, and order.


Shamrocks and lucky pennies bring much enthusiasm to practicing cardinality, counting, and quantity.