February always goes by too quickly!   With so many interesting themes and holidays, there seems to be a shortage of days considering weather patterns and our week long February break.  Over the past weeks, we have continued our Degas artist study while enjoying a Valentine’s Day theme.  We also observed the 100th Day of School which was done with much fanfare during a ‘dress-up-as-a-favorite-book-character’ day!  Here are a  few pictures of activities from our Montessori Mornings together:

Degas Dancer coloring page has encouraged questions, conversations, and further investigations of this famous artist.


Matching upper case letters with a festive Valentine theme!


Linear and skip counting practice with the Chain of Nine.


Transferring water with a pipette encourages concentration and fine motor control.


Making quantities with the Teen Beads.


Developing hand strength with pin pushing.


Making concentric hearts with Do A Dot painters.


Matching colorful hearts. Later this student found a friend to play several rounds of a memory matching game.


Hearts and roses for a lovely math extension.


This silent ‘e’ lesson demonstrates how the ‘e’ makes the vowel say its name.


Practicing telling time.


Rolling a game die and transferring a specific amount of pom poms at a time.


Transferring with small tongs provides children an opportunity to strengthen hand muscles building hand-eye coordination.


Exploring states of matter and sorting jars while practicing vocabulary, “Solid, liquid, or gas.”


Carefully stitching with the sewing materials.


The ever-favorite rock painting lesson is an aid in promoting proper grasp.


Combining quantity and symbol with the Teen Bead Hanger.


Flags of the World take on new meanings when one can re-create their own!


Learning how to finger knit.


Working with the Buckle Frame aids in building independence.


Writing practice in the sand tray with a “Valentine stem.”


Comparisons of size with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.


Teen numbers with quantity (beads) and symbols (boards).


Practicing telling time to the half hour.


Building hand strength and muscles for writing using the Metal Insets.


Introduction to the function of words with the farm and grammar symbols.


Two friends working side by side with the animal puzzles.


This student lined up the links prior to assembling them. What a delight to observe the concentration sense of order within this student!


One friend traces the puzzle of North America, while another watches closely.


Starting a new list of phonogram words using the Language Works Reading program.


Bringing the Olympic spirit to the classroom.