What a delight to have an entire week of school! We have enjoyed getting back into a regular rhythm with our daily activities, including being able to enjoy the outdoors. Our classroom has been humming with numerous winter themed lessons which the children have been particularly drawn to.

Decorating a ‘Winter Tree’ has been quite a popular activity.


Seasonal extension lessons allow children to practice skills while maintaining interest.


Copying words from our ‘word wall’ with a seasonal theme.


Naming continents and placing them on the control chart.


Reading practice continues with the series of Reading Drawers.


Self correction in process – the child is turing each card over after sounding out each word from the picture.


Snowflakes and mittens have been just as popular in the classroom as they have been outside!


Counting the decimal system with the Tray of Nines, a preliminary lesson to understanding symbols and place value.


Sorting coins and learning their names.


Solidifying quantity and symbols with the Spindle Boxes.


Using visual discrimination skills to build snowflakes and explore patterns.


Phoneme segmentation is an important language skill. Here, the child is using each stone for sounds in words.


Reading sentences, matching pictures, and recording on paper.


Sounding out and writing words with the Moveable Alphabet.


Learning about the function of words with grammar symbols and the farm.


Counting the beads in the Short Bead Stair solidifies concepts of quantity while refining movement and preparing the child for subsequent lessons.


Always a delightful sight in our mixed age group – an older student reading to a younger classmate.

Practicing static addition with the Stamp Game.


Arctic animals and ice – a sensorial experience!


Cut and paste snowman sequencing. Not only do these types of activities enhance language skills, but they also help promote concentration, coordination, independence, and order.


Playing the Memory Game of Numbers with items from around the classroom.


Drawing a penguin with the help of a step-by-step booklet.