We have been enjoying the sights and sounds of December in the classroom, and our shelves are full of festive cheer!  We are so excited about the children’s progress over the last weeks.  It is always encouraging to see the how their own interests propel them to explore certain areas of the classroom in greater depth. We have seen much enthusiasm in each area of our Montessori classroom, and this always generates a pleasant hum of activity during our ‘Montessori Mornings.’
Our students have begun enjoying the seasonal poem ‘Christmas Wreaths’ with the ever-popular poetry basket. The Nutcracker is still a classroom favorite, and we have continued to enjoy listening to the music, and reading different versions of the story. We are also talking about celebrations around the world, specifically St. Nicholas Day , St. Lucia Day, Christmas, and Hannukah. During these busy days, the children have also begun making a special gift to give to their families. They will be going home at the end of next week, so please be on the lookout for this very special gift from your child!

Transferring balsam fir – smells soooo great!


Reading practice with the Vowel Tree.


‘Language Works’ writing lesson.


Who can resist the sounds of this lesson?! Transferring bells is a classroom favorite!


Carefully practicing threading a needle.


Seasonal ‘Do-A-Dot’ pictures are always popular with the children!


Matching Short Bead Stair quantities to their Sandpaper Numbers.


Sorting by size (and making patterns!).


Such a lovely sight to see an older child give a lesson to a younger classmate.


A seasonal virtual discrimination exercise – matching shapes to their outlines.


Reading three-part cards for the Land and Water Forms.


Sifting colorful beads from water for an intriguing transferring lesson.


Using tweezers to transfer tiny, decorative candy canes has been a festive activity.


Teen numbers – qualities with the golden and colored beads.


Spelling practice with the Small Moveable Alphabets.


Number writing practice with paper and pencil.


Matching number symbols to quantities with the Number Rods and Cards.


Reading practice with the Mac and Tab series.


Thoughtful placement of one’s flower arrangement. These arrangements bring such a lovely warmth to the classroom.


Reading and sequencing Months of the Year.


Writing practice with Rainbow Letters.


Sewing a small pillow.


After completing the Hundred Board, this student wished to completed a corresponding paper to practice writing the numbers.


Using the Teen Boards with bead to combine quantity and symbol for teen numbers.


While practicing writing numbers with the Sandpaper Numbers, this student wished to place the corresponding Short Bead Stair beads with each one.


Reading and sequencing days of the week and numbers with the December calendar.


Following a pattern with the peg board.


Exploring the Continent Folders for Asia.