Here we are at the end of November, and I found these pictures that have not been posted.  I share them now, before December begins, and it’s too late.  Enjoy!

Learning about various landforms with the ‘lake and island’ Land and Water Form set.


Experiencing variations of size and dimension with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.


Inspired by our Andy Goldsworthy artist study.


Writing practice with the Sand Tray and Sandpaper Letters.


Observational drawing of a pumpkin using oil pastels.

Noticing that ’16’ and ’19’ were reversed in the sequence, and independently fixing it while a classmate watches.


Spelling practice with the ‘Language Works’ phonogram program.


Tracing and painting a map of Australia.


Matching autumn leaves.


Matching Thanksgiving themed pictures to their shadows/outlines.


Grating cinnamon has been very popular!


Learning ‘gulf’ and ‘peninsula’ with the Land and Water Forms.


Pairing Color Tablets from the second box.


The Addition Snake Game provides opportunities for practicing addition facts and looking for combinations to make ten.


Thanksgiving puzzle fun!


Creating a Matisse-inspired collage.


Exploring equilateral triangles.


Reading and sequencing months of the year, and learning their abbreviations.


Extension math work with quantities and symbols.