What a fascinating experience to observe the classroom as we take our ‘first steps’ together in our new environment.  While there was a certain familiarity for returning students and teachers, there remained a distinct feeling of newness as we all gained awareness of our new surroundings.  It has been about two weeks since our first day of school, and already we are feeling more at home in our classroom space.  In addition to many group lessons and the introduction of numerous ‘Grace and Courtesy’ activities at circle time, the children have also been shown many individual lessons.  Here are a few pictures to share of our mornings together:

An initial lesson with a Cylinder Block. This material aids in visual discrimination of size while promoting use of the pincer grasp.


A retiring student revisiting the Decimal System Cards.


Sorting objects for the Living/Non-Living lesson.


Building writing skills with the Metal Insets.


Fine motor practice while counting the Short Bead Stair and placing them on the hanger.


Practicing an important classroom skill – unrolling and rolling a mat.


Pre writing activity – rock painting.


Matching pictures to their cards.


Another matching activity.


Sunlight and Pink Tower shadow – what a beautiful sight!


Fascinated by the light reflecting from the prism in the window.


Transferring marbles using a pincer grasp.


Reading and matching number symbols with the Math Step Board.


Preliminary folding exercise.


Transferring water with a sponge.


Understanding the concept of zero with the Spindle Box math lesson.


Building words with the Moveable Alphabet.


Writing letters in the Sand Tray

Making a Sound Stamp Booklet for the ‘a’ sound.


Number writing practice with Sandpaper Numbers.


After summer vacation, a returning student revisits the Addition Snake Game.


Making designs and pictures with the pegboard.


Reviewing the Decimal System Cards


The 45 Layout – success!


Laying out the Days of the Week and dates for the month of September.


Reading sentences.


Reading labels and matching objects.


Visual discrimination of size with the Knobless Cylinders.


Opening/Closing practice.