Now that the children are comfortable making independent choices, we are working throughout the work cycles to remember to “leave the work beautiful for the next person.”  Using this terminology has been effective in helping to remind the children not only about classroom expectations, but also in building and maintaining a culture of care and respect toward each other.
Looking at the tables during our Montessori work times, one can’t help but smile at the cheerful festivity that ensues!

Feeling various objects in the bag, and naming each one before removing it from the bag – using the stereognostic sense with the Mystery Bag.

Transferring with a spoon.

Transferring with small tongs.

‘Gingerbread’ play dough.

Decimal system work with the 45 Layout.

Making ‘trees’ with Nuts and Bolts.

Writing practice with our ‘Writing Windows.’

Measuring a length of yarn and stringing bead for making necklaces.

Transferring water beads.

Using a whisk for bubble making.

Pink Tower and Brown Stair exploration.

Matching shapes (erasers) to their outlines.

Color and cut activity.

Walking the maze without touching the the sides.

Making a paper poinsettia.

Sorting buttons by color.

Lacing with gold cord.

Adding ‘just enough’ water using a dropper.

Reading labels and sorting pom poms by size.

Quantity and number symbol practice with the Short Bead Hanger.

Learning the names of the continent with the Puzzle Map of the World.

Preparation of the hand for writing – tracing shapes and naming them with the Geometric Presentation Tray.

Enjoying the poetry basket for our ‘Christmas Wreaths’ poem.