I can hardly believe that this journey started almost two years ago with the number one and the color red!  Here we are, all the way at number ten – gold!!!  What a time we have had with various Practical Life activities which correspond to each color/number of the Short Bead Stair.  The children have gained a deeper understanding of the Short Bead Stair and its connection to other math materials and lessons.  We have so enjoyed our collaboration in a series of art pieces that adorn a long hallway leading out to our outdoor space.  How we all have been looking forward with great anticipation for the number ten – gold evokes such a celebratory mood!  Here a few pictures of these festive shelves:

Wet Transfer Practical Life 

Dry Transfer Practical Life
Making bracelets.

Finger Knitting and Crochet trays – How much fun is that yarn?!

Weaving with various gold ribbons.
One of the tweezing activities – I think the gold foam gives the tray a whole new look!  
As you might imagine, the children have been quite excited about the gold.  Actually, the teachers have been too! 🙂  There is certainly much to celebrate as this color reminds everyone where we started, and how far we have come over the past two years.  
More ‘golden updates’ to come! 🙂