As part of the process of preparing the environment for our incoming class in just a few short weeks, I wanted to be sure  the Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing activities on the Language shelves provide inviting, meaningful lessons.  While these shelves in our classroom offer various vocabulary development cards, matching activities, and lessons preparing the child for reading and writing, I wanted to offer a couple of different, new options.  One such activity includes these attribute strips which were obtained HERE.  Activities with varying attributes allow young learners to develop critical thinking skills, enhance the ability to find patterns, and develop vocabulary while finding similarities and differences.  While this lesson this lesson could have also been in the Math area of the classroom, I chose to place it in Language as the cards are also appropriate for language development.

A sample Attribute Set.
The strips were printed in a smaller format than provided on the download – I thought they would fit better on our shelves in the classroom and take up less space.  Small counters are placed on the one that is different and a control of error is provided on the back (a small dot behind the correct one).  It could also be beneficial to provide small clips instead of counters which is something I may change later for a variation.