It has been quite an adjustment for me to be away from my classroom for such a long period of time.  Of course, I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences we have been afforded during my family’s stay in St. Petersburg, but how I’ve missed the daily interactions and happenings in the classroom!  Thanks to the wonderful teachers at my school, I have been able to stay in close contact and know that progress continues being made in great strides during my absence.  Here are just a few photos of current activity in the classroom:

An engaging math extension activity – counting elephants to go along with an Asia theme.

Carefully constructing and walking the maze with the Red Rods.

The 45 Layout.  I am so, so excited to see this out!

Practice skip counting with the Square Chain of 9.

Writing practice. 

Naming the Geometric Solids.

Matching the Geometric Cabinet shapes to their cards.

Kanji writing.

Squeezing orange juice.

Lots of flag work.

Constructing the layers of the Trinomial Cube.

Animals of the World and World Map.

Pouring with a syrup server.

Dry Transfer shelves.  The color yellow corresponds not only with number four in our Short Bead Stair theme, but also with the continent of Asia.

Practical Life:  Wet Transfer activities.

Just looking at the pictures makes me miss my classroom even more!  I am forever grateful that I have such dedicated staff to give their care attention to our students during my time away.  Thank you, and I miss you all!