It has been a couple of weeks since the last ‘collection of photos’ post – the first week was shorted due to a holiday and the this past week we had parent-teacher conferences.  Also, one day I dropped by camera and somehow lost all the pictures I took that day!  As a result, it seems I have way fewer pictures than usual.  In any case, wonderful work is happening in the classroom:

Adding color to our autumn leaf print activity.

Matching printed letters to cursive letters.

Practicing fine motor control while making an autumn-themed garland – placing craft leaves on to ribbon.

Counting, number symbol recognition, and understanding zero with the Spindle Boxes.

Independent work with the Article Box.

Buttoning practice.

Writing practice with the Sandpaper Numbers.

Experiencing smooth and rough textures with the Touch Boards.

Pre-reading: Finding the picture that is different.

Exploring pictures from the Continent Folders for South America.

Color mixing fun!

Refining the skill of using tongs to transfer.

Listening for sound with one of the Montessori Bells.

Metal Inset writing practice – two shapes and two colors.

Short Bead Hanger – reviewing numbers 1-9 and their corresponding colors.

Feeling the difference in weight of each quantity with the Spindle Boxes lesson – here the child has tied the quantities together for further exploration and understanding of quantity.

Concentrating to roll the mat “just right.”  We enjoy practicing with the mat in particular because the children can use the lines as guides in keeping the mat straight while rolling – great practice!

Exploring size and dimension with the Pink Tower.

Using the smallest Red Rod to measure the differences of length between each rod.

Completing a Name Puzzle.

Linear counting with the Tens Board and Beads.

Numbers 11-19 with the Teen Bead Hanger.

Writing phrases with the Moveable Alphabet.

Letter writing practices with Sandpaper Letters.
Geography:  Sorting the Land, Air, and Water cards.