If I pause and think of our week together in the classroom, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Waltzing Matilda!” and the children singing it with huge smiles on their faces…  What a fun song to learn  – with words like ‘jumbuck,’ ‘billabong,’ and ‘swag man,’ who can resist?  Clearly, we are enjoying learning about Australia!

Australia Continent Folder Cards.

Pre-reading:  Bird matching activity.

Tracing the Parts of a Bird Puzzle and pin pushing it out.

Sorting animals by continent.

I watched the child in this photos roll and re-roll the mat several time to get it just right and straight.

Checking work with the Hundred Board using the control chart.

Pouring dry material using a funnel.

Using a small baster to transfer water.
Grading the color tablets around the globe.

Meet Sydney, our newest classroom pet – we wrote down ideas for a name and this was the selection from a random draw.  Sydney is named after the largest city in Australia.

Working with numbers 1-25 using the Math Step Board.

Picture to picture matching.

Practicing addition with the Stamp Game.

Reading sentences.

Exploring the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

A lesson about matter:  Solids:  Hard as Rocks.

Using the Binomial Cube as an engaging puzzle.