Wow, it seems as if it has been quite a long time since posting pictures of activities in our classroom.  During the last few weeks, we have enjoyed a vacation (although the weather has been quite extreme and I’m not too sure ‘enjoyed’ is the correct term…) and had a couple of snow days thrown in the mix.  Our classroom is easing back into a sense of normalcy and it has been encouraging to see the children inspired by the new lessons recently placed on the shelves.

Number writing practice.

Sifting flour – a new favorite!

Reading practice with the Word Drawers.

Transferring (sugar) cubes.  A new point of interest is the game die – the child transfers the number  he/she rolls.

Hello water beads!  Need I even mention the popularity factor of this transferring activity?!  

Writing practice – tracing numbers with Sandpaper Numbers.

Ongoing phonogram work, this time with ‘oa’ words.

First day back after almost two weeks off and this is what they built!

Tracing and naming leaf shapes with the Botany Cabinet.

Drawing a penguin.

Making shapes with the Constructive Triangles.

Sequencing Days of the Week and numbers with the calendar.

Tying practice with the Bow Tying Frame.

Combining the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

Refining movement necessary for writing with the Metal Insets.

Counting practice and number symbol recognition with the Hundred Chain.

Reading practice.

Addition with Golden Beads.

Sewing the shape of Antarctica.

Writing longer phonetic words with the Moveable Alphabet.

Introduction to the decimal system with the Golden Beads.

Design work with the Pink Tower and Knobless Cylinders.

A stamping lesson for a Language activity.

Several children have been enjoying finger knitting.  I appreciate how this activity builds concentration, coordination, and aids in strengthening hand and finger muscles.  I find it also helps in fostering a sense of community in the classroom as children encourage each other with their knitting.