Last week, we had a short week due to the Columbus Day holiday on Monday.  I was also out of the classroom last Friday because I was giving a presentation at the Maine Montessori Association.  The following pictures are from this past week and the (short) week before:

Carefully counting the decimal system cards while putting them away.

“This says ‘elephant.'”

Language development: matching pictures.

Making a booklet of African animals – first the child draws a picture, then writes the corresponding word.  Several students have been using the pictured poster of animals of Africa for reference.

Exploring leaf shapes while strengthening handwriting muscles with the Botany Cabinet.

Creating a collage of green from lightest to darkest (using paint chips).

Tactile discrimination – matching various items by touch only (the child is wearing a blindfold to complete this activity).

Linear and skip counting with the short chain of seven.

Feeling for varying weights with the Baric Tablets.

The Addition Snake Game.

Addition with the Number Rods – sums of 10.

Learning the names of the continents with the Puzzle Map of the World.

Reading our “October” poem (notice the leaves in the window…).  🙂

Working with the Puzzle Map of Africa.

Opening/Closing practice.

Beginning sounds and reading practice with the Language Step Board.

Retrieving quantities of golden beads.

Refining the olfactory sense – Smelling Bottles.

Reading: Phonetic Object Box

“This is one hundred,” with the the Golden Beads.

Coloring the flag of South Africa.  This students was so proud to have also written the name of the country.

Number writing practice with the Sandpaper Numbers.

Working with the Third Color Tablet Box – grading shades of pink.

Linear and skip counting with the Hundred Chain.  In addition to practicing counting by tens, I really appreciate how this lesson also enables the child to count by ones.  This material gives a clear impression to the student when it is time to change tens, from 29 to 30 for example.  If the child is not sure, he/she can count the number of tens in the chain and find the answer for him/herself.

Pairing various gradations of smooth/rough with the Touch Tablets.

Using the smallest Pink Tower cube to measure the Brown Stair.

Reading practice with the Phonetic Object Box labels.

Multiplication – 6×7=42.

Static addition with the Golden Beads.

A highlight of the week:  A visit from a talented musician who shared with us the sounds of Africa!