All is well – we simply had to adjust to having a snow day, followed by having a two-hour delay, followed by me having to leave early the next day to pick up my oldest son early from his school…  Amongst these slight disruptions, however, we maintained our activities and enjoyed our time together – especially playing in the freshly fallen snow!  Some photos from this week:

Two friends working on Metal Insets together. 🙂

Reading practice with the Phonetic Object Box.

Mixing colors.

Shades of Yellow

Counting the Decimal System – Golden Beads.

Addition Snake Game practice.

Math work with the Cards and Counters.

Pink Tower/Brown Stair

Writing preparation:  Touch Boards.

Reading and acting out the ‘Springtime’ poetry.

“Look!  If I turn the cubes like this, I can make triangles!”

Math facts with the Addition Strip Board.

Matching colors with the Second Color Tablet Box.

Linear and skip counting with the Hundred Chain.

Grace and Courtesy:  Practicing greetings with a handshake.

Number writing practice:  Sandpaper Numbers.

Building concentration and coordination with the Metal Polishing activity.

Reading Phonetic Word Cards.