I’ve made a classroom resolution for myself to do more watching and less “doing.”  Of course, I still “do” things, but I really want to take a little step back and give the kids even more space for their own development.  The class, as a whole, is most definitely at a stage to be able to handle this.  Over the past weeks, I noticed myself stepping in around the classroom where I thought I was needed  – when a student appeared not to choose an activity, or if a small disagreement between students arose…  It is so important, however, to give these students a chance to solve the issue on their own.  So, this is what I’ve been doing more of – just watching, and letting the kids work through things.  And about the child who I thought needed me to choose an activity?  He was just fine as he walked through the room watching his friends.  And the kids who had a little argument on the playground?  They eventually figured it out and continued playing happily.  Here are some photographs of my week being more conscious of “just watching”:

Practice with the Velcro Frame.
Three-Part Cards:  Types of Dogs

Counting eggs – Cards and Counters variation.
Dynamic Addition with the Stamp Game.
Tracing shapes and practicing writing skills with the Metal Insets.
After a student finishes labeling the Hundred Chain, they stand up and walk along the line, reading and counting the labels.
Seasons Timeline
Some of the children have been enjoying the matching lesson with the bells.
Working with the Hundred Board to understand linear counting, number recognition, place value, and patterns.
Developing writing skills with the Botany Cabinet.
Language Enrichment Cards:  Birds
Number writing practice with the Sandpaper Numbers and the cornmeal tray.
And later, the same  child was tracing numbers again, “Now, I’m tracing one thousand, six hundred, and fifty-three!”
Pink Tower, green Knobless Cylinders, scissors, and construction paper….  You will have to wait until next week to see what this student makes!  He’s not quite finished yet, but I wanted to share this exciting work so far…