I didn’t get to post this in time before Easter, but here it is nonetheless…

Another activity the children have really been enjoying these days is this Easter Egg stamping lesson.  As with most art projects in my classroom, this one is set up with all the necessary materials on the shelf.

Egg shape templates on multi-colored card stock; container with pipe cleaners; tray with decorative container filled with a small amount of white paint; pencil.

First the child gathers all the necessary materials – an egg template of their color choice, one pipe cleaner, and the tray.  At circle time, I showed the children how to form the pipe cleaner into a shape and gently press it into the shallow paint.  This becomes their “stamp” for creating a design on their egg.  During my demonstration, I made a big deal about how little paint remained on my fingers when I was finished – the kids took it to heart because several of them came to show me their fingers after completing their stamping/painting to tell me, “Look, just a little paint on my fingers!”  Too cute! 🙂  Here are some of them in the hallway:

Colorful Easter Egg Art