Last weekend, I placed some new Spring and Easter activities on the shelves.  I plan to share more details about some of the materials in an upcoming post, but here are some photos of these lessons in use over the course of this past week.  Unfortunately, I was having trouble uploading photos, so I am running a bit short…  I think you will still enjoy them though!

Opening/Closing variation:  The children have not only been practicing their opening and closing skills, but also have been using this as an invitation to act out the “Five Little Ducks” song.
Practical Life:  Wood Polishing
These beautiful eggs have renewed interest in polishing – some of the children have not polished in ages, so we had lots of  ‘review’ lessons to remember the sequence of steps necessary to complete the activity.
A festive Spooning activity.
Fine motor development with Water Transferring.
Matching colors.
Multiplication with the Stamp Game
Carefully counting the Teen Beads.  Here, the child is counting for the number 14.
Walking the Line while holding a tiny spoon with an equally tiny egg – so much fun! 🙂

The Hundred Board

 Decimal System Cards

Easter Eggs:  Cards and Counters variation.

Making words with the phonogram, -ar.

Hanging eggs on our festive tree.  This has been a fun, relaxing activity for the kids.
A variation of last month’s Sealing lesson:  This month, I simply changed the shape from a shamrock to an egg and added some more colors to the tissue paper.
Addition with Number Rods and Cards.