We have been enjoying the last days of having our St. Patrick’s Day activities out around the classroom (this weekend I’m planning to set up some Spring and Easter things…) and savoring the warm, sunny days outside.  What a great time of year!  There is also some exciting news on the horizon for our school regarding Montessori Compass, the easiest, most user-friendly on-line record keeping system for Montessori schools, teachers, and parents.  Living Montessori Now is currently hosting an awesome giveaway, courtesy of Montessori Compass, of an iPad for one lucky person – get on over there, read about the system, and enter the contest!  I’ll be writing more about Montessori Compass including its impact on our classroom record keeping and parent communication very soon.  In the meantime, you will notice a new addition in the sidebar of the blog (underneath the picture of my school) with a link to this valuable tool. 🙂

So, it is with great excitement I share with you some of what has transpired in our classroom over the course of the week:

Mixing colors – what a beautiful array!
Some of our youngest members of the class are still enjoying THIS Sound/No Sound activity.
Working with different shapes in the Geometric Cabinet.  This material gives the child a sensorial impression of various shapes while promoting writing skills (tracing).
Understanding numbers and linear counting with the Teen Beads 11-19.
During a Sandpaper Letter lesson, one of the children pointed out the same letter on another child’s shirt!
How beautiful is this flower arrangement?  We usually don’t have roses, but one of my students gave me a bouquet on the occasion of our school’s Open House last weekend.  We have been enjoying them immensely.
Linear and skip counting with the Square Chain of Five.
Comparing the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.
Enjoying our St. Patrick’s Day math game.  Here, an older student is playing with a younger one, helping with basic concepts.
A pin-pushed Map of the World – the kids were so complimentary and said, “Ooh, how beautiful!”  “Look at that!”
Static Subtraction with the Stamp Game.
The Thousand Chain!
Extension work with the Solid Cylinders.  The children in this photo set up the blocks at two close tables and proceeded to complete the exercise with their eyes closed.  How fun!  And, I especially love the flowers!
Pre-reading:  Sequencing Cards
The children LOVE this activity – balancing marbles on golf tees.
Static Subtraction with Golden Beads.
Working collaboratively with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair…
and to make this, too.  
Here, is one of their drawings of the extension work.
Bells – Matching
Practical Life:  Metal Polishing
Grace and Courtesy:  Practicing a verbal greeting with a handshake.  (I wish I could show the children’s faces in this photo – big smiles!)