Ok, so the title sounds a bit dramatic…but I recently completed making some new materials having to do with the calendar and the passage of time.  These activities, along with our “Calendar” during circle time, are vital to the child’s understanding of history and their place in the world.  Specifically, the students will learn and identify the names of the days of the week and months of the year.  Additionally, they will learn the order of the names and abbreviations.

This set of materials was included in my Geography and Social Studies Albums from my Montessori training program.  The first set consists of a labeled chart with the days of the week in the first column followed by two columns with blank spaces.

Days of the Week chart.  Corresponding labels are in the small container on the left.

First, the child matches the labels to the chart.

Then, the abbreviations are introduced.  These can be presented at the same time, or at a different sitting, depending on the child.

The material for the Months of the Year also consists of a chart, only with the names of the months printed in the first column.  

Months of the Year chart.

Months labels are matched to the column…

…and abbreviations, too.

This set of materials will undoubtedly complement circle time daily calendar lessons. Also, I plan to provide additional paper copies of the charts so that children may write the names and abbreviations if they would like.  We have many students who love to record their work through writing, so I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of this!