Although our week was shortened by one day, we had plenty of exciting events and activity!  It all started with our winter nature walk on Tuesday morning…

Nature walk observation: “Ouch! Those needles hurt!”

…which we used to make these ice collages.
And inside the classroom…
Using a small water dropper to fill the suction cups.
Phonogram Box:  This lesson is using the phonogram ‘ar’ ( as in the word ‘card’).

The second part of the above mentioned phonogram lesson – Making ‘ar’ words with the Small Moveable Alphabet.

Initial introduction of the Decimal System Cards with the Golden Beads.

Land and Water Forms: System of Lakes and Archipelago.

Reading practice with Three-Part Cards of the Land and Water Forms.

Practical Life:  Wood Polishing
Snowman Sequencing: color, cut, and paste.  This is a lesson which I demonstrated at circle time and set up in the Language area of the classroom for the children to complete independently.  I’ve left my demonstration on the shelf for the children to refer to as they complete the lesson – you can see it in the background of the photo.
Comparison of height and refinement of visual discrimination with the Red and Yellow Knobless Cylinders.

Reading practice with the Small Moveable Alphabet.  Here, the child had used a set of picture cards to sound out each word.  Then, for an added challenge, I mixed up the cards and had him match them to the words.  Lastly, I had the child read the words to me without the cards. 

I love when my students make connections between activities.  This child was using the play dough and declared, “Look!  I made a mini Pink Tower!”  🙂

Initial lesson of ‘Labeling Objects of the Environment’.

Working with the Botany Cabinet.

More Decimal System work.