…and to all a good break!  Here are some photos to share of our classroom from the last week of school prior to our Christmas vacation – I’ll be honest and tell you that I did not take as many pictures as I usually do…we were just busy getting our gifts made and wrapped while enjoying some fun activities together.  And despite the extra “busy-ness” of the classroom, I found myself giving new lessons to many children! 
Lots of Sandpaper Letter practice!
Offering our friends slices of bananas during worktime.  The children love this and it is a wonderful Grace and Courtesy lesson.
Table-top Number Rods and Cards.  I pulled this material from my storage closet because several of my students could benefit from the extra practice.  I observed that some of the kids have been avoiding the (large) Number Rods, for reasons I still do not know…  In any case, this smaller version of the same material has brought renewed interest to the Math area.  I only introduce these table-top Number Rods to students who have already worked with the large ones.
Exploring combinations of ten with the table-top Number Rods.
Number writing practice on the grid chalkboard.

Caring for plants.

Decorating gift bags for our ornaments

…and here are some of them lined up on the counter ready for home delivery!


Playing carols on the Melody Harp – Really, there is no better background music than this! 🙂


Creative exploration with the Constructive Triangles.

Coloring nutcrackers while listening to The Nutcracker ballet music.

Here, two children are working with the ‘Christmas Wreath’ poetry basket.

Parts of a Bird Puzzle and collage…

…with labels.

Months of the Year:  Here, the student has placed the Earth ball on his birthday month.  Next, he held the ball and walked around the mat singing, “The Earth goes ’round the sun, the Earth goes ’round the sun, it takes a whole year for the Earth to go around the sun!”

And, it finally snowed – just in time for Christmas vacation!