The boys participated in Experimenting with Solids, Liquids, and Gases at the Challenger Learning Center (CLC) in Bangor this morning.  This organization provides meaningful opportunities for children to engage in stimulating and fun science activities.  The CLC even boasts a simulated Mission Control Station for space shuttle lift-offs!  Check out their website at and those of you in the area should try to visit. 

Ready for experimentation!

While Big Stuff and Mr. Man were busy with experiments, Little Miss and I headed over to the craft store.  Here, I purchased some wooden CD crates for a small organizational project in the boys’ room.  We have concluded that there is not a proper place to store their coveted model rockets which is safe from little hands…  Big Stuff in particular was in need of a place to store and display those tiny Lego pieces!  Enter the CD crates! 
Here is what the space next to the top bunk bed looked like before:

A sad state of affairs complete with ripped poster – Yikes!


And here it is afterwards:

A place for everything and everything in its place!

Mr. Man could not be left out either – he wanted to have a special spot for his treasures too:

Both boys took great pride in setting up their “shelves.”  In case you were wondering, I simply used Command Strips to attach the CD crates to the wall – instant wall shelves!