We are celebrating a new level of Little Miss’ independence!  Since she was born, Little Miss has slept in a Montessori-style bed.  It simply consists of a low-lying mattress allowing a child to get up on his own and explore the room.  Naturally, the environment has been prepared so that safety concerns are eliminated. 

Little Miss’ Montessori bed. 
Design ideas courtesy of Finn’s Room at Sew Liberated.

For almost two years now, Little Miss has been content to wait in her bed in the mornings for me to come and get her.  Can you imagine?  This entire time she has had free reign in her room, yet never actually got up to play with her toys when she awakened… until this morning!  I was half awake when I thought I heard a door open followed by a pitter patter of tiny feet. By the time I realized I wasn’t dreaming and got up, Little Miss had gone all the way downstairs looking for us!  It is comforting to know that she feels confident enough in her surroundings to reach this new height of independence.  (And for those of you who are wondering, yes she is very comfortable navigating the stairs….)