We have been enjoying our time at home during the February break.  While I appreciate the extra time in the mornings, these vacation days also allow me complete lots of  school related paperwork.  I relish the moments however, when the kids are enjoying the afternoon sun in the warmth of our cozy kitchen!

Last night, while the kids were asleep, I headed over to the school to set up the shelves for our return next week.  We will be focusing on summer-related themes in March as evidenced by the “beachy” feel of the Practical Life lessons.  I am currently completing my AMS training and my year-long project is Seasons.  The project is due next month and I wanted to have my summer lessons in place so that I may be done with it as I have already documented my lessons for Autumn, Winter, and Spring. 

Dry Transferring

Wet Transferring

 It was a long evening and it didn’t help that I locked myself out of the classroom right when I was finishing up!  During a frantic, late night call to my lovely Assistant, I was reminded of a spare key in our secret location – so secret that it had eluded my memory!

I have a few more items to set up, but thankfully I have the remainder of vacation to do so.